Mobile Multi Sensory Service





We have the equipment to turn most spaces into a Multi-Sensory setting for an hour. The service is available to all ages and abilities. The team work in schools, play centres, care homes, mental health wards, and many other care and community settings.


Additionally within a multi-sensory setting, we can project reminiscence films on to our screen whilst using aromatherapy smells, such as carbolic soap and coal fires for those people living with dementia.


Sessions can be quiet, busy, calm, visually stimulating or relaxing- Sensoriel will work with the carers/families and the individual to create the sensory experience they feel most beneficial. We find people learn to communicate and open in within the session, they gain respite from their own conditions and have both a therapeutic and enjoyable experience.


Our Mobile Sensory Service


“The sessions provided by ‘Sensoriel’ are invaluable in supporting the social, emotional and mental health needs of our SEND and vulnerable children.  Through these carefully planned sessions, the children are given the opportunity to explore and interact with a range of equipment and activities to develop and engage their senses within a calm and safe environment.  These sessions have had a positive impact on their emotional health and well-being, ability to focus and levels of motivation when they return to class.  The children look forward to their weekly session with Vicky which for many is the highlight of their week.”


“I'm not sure where to start!

Without your service, one of last year's year 11 would not have finished school. She has anxiety, depression and dyslexia and found school incredibly overwhelming. Her weekly sessions made a huge difference - she even passed English GCSE (and more importantly, her tractor driving test!)”

This year Vicky had quite a challenge:

1. 3 year 11 boys with complicated backgrounds, mental health issues and some learning difficulties. The time they spend with Vicky each week gives them the respite from school that they need to make it through. They go in climbing the walls and come out almost horizontal - so much calmer!

2. The work done with a young man who has autism and unfortunately has had to cope with several bereavements in his close family, whilst coping with the stresses of year 11, has been a huge success.  He has been able to express himself in a way that he can feel comfortable with.

“These are just a few highlights. We would honestly have you in school every day if we could. An invaluable service - and Vicky is just amazing.”


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